We’ve been briefed to design a set of visuals for a secret one-off event with new client Sakana Manchester. Think High Fashion, Reckless Trap, Rock and Roll and Ratchet Glamour for the new wave of Future Millennial.

Photography By Matthew Comer.

God Bless Visions

We’ve been asked to redesign legendary London ultra trendy meets alt-urban music venue Visions Video Bar. Image rich and UX friendly, you are cautioned not to jump on the wave as you may not get off. Click here to see the full case study or visit

Infinity North

We are really chuffed for new street wear brand Infinity North to commission us to develop their branding and identity. Made for the north by the north.

More details to follow...

MVSON x The Murkage Club

Our three way collaborations between musical collectives MVSON and The Murkage Club have always pushed the boundaries for event design.
As we approach the year’s anniversary between the two camps, we will be pushing it further this year in 2016...


“Whatever your religion is, this is Temple.”

We’ve been asked to build a new website for a brand new online content channel Temple, which will focus on the deepest corners of international sub-culture programming.

The transmission will be televised online in the early summer.

o2 Touch

We are chuffed to be working with Telefónica O2 UK, alongside England Rugby and Attachment London to be develop creative on o2 Touch – a new initiative to encourage both sexes to get involved, rediscover the sport and hone in on their personal fitness all at the same time - Social fitness at its best.

Click here to view a full overview of the project.

Reminisce #1
Brash Magazine
Business Cards 2008

As we were well underway in the redesign of our brand new website, we found these business cards that we designed years ago back in 2008 for the one and only Jason Njoku, owner of the infamous student magazine Brash Magazine.

These cards were so significant at the time as not only it reflected the his culture and confidence, but it also showed our willingness to go ahead with an idea to print something so bold, so reckless that a typical CEO of a company would never ever try and pull off.

Fast forward in time, this charismatic individual became homeless and penniless before ended up becoming a multi millionaire and the co-owner of Iroko Partners, the biggest online media distribution company of Nollywood film in Africa. It’s amazing where you start, where you go and where you end up...

Snapchat x Club LIV

Club LIV - the No.1 home for the socialites and party people of Manchester - has kindly asked us to design their Snapchat geofilters, as part of their campaign to ramp up the venues’ social branding. For the next few months, expect a new unique filter when you enter through the doors of this uber-trendy nightclub.

xylo, london, manchester, worldwide, creative, digital, branding, communications, music, fashion, luxury, nightlife, culture, youth
xylo, london, manchester, worldwide, creative, digital, branding, communications, music, fashion, luxury, nightlife, culture, youth
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